Attendance Policy

Macquarie Singers (MUS) conduct rehearsals in person and offers participation virtually via Zoom. MUS will continue to livestream rehearsals for those unable to attend in person. Please see below regarding attendance.

Macquarie Singers Attendance Policy

The following attendance policies apply to each performance/ concert.


Members are expected to do their best to attend all rehearsals, either face-to-face or via Zoom. Members are encouraged to view recorded rehearsal if they are unable to attend on a given night to catch up, wherever possible.

Members are encouraged to attended by Zoom if they are feeling unwell as a courtesy to those attending face-to-face.

Rolls are taken for all rehearsals and performances/concerts. Rolls are also used in the case of an emergency evacuation. Ensure that your name is recorded at each rehearsal.


Our minimum attendance to be eligible for performances/concerts is 75% of rehearsals (10 or more). This is to ensure that all parts are known well enough prior to performance. Anyone NOT meeting the minimum requirement may need to be auditioned.

PLEASE NOTE: Anyone attending fewer than 50% of rehearsals (7 or fewer) is automatically ineligible to perform at performances/ concerts.

The dress and technical rehearsals for any concert are compulsory.  Please note that neither membership nor rehearsal attendance guarantees performing in a concert. The final decision on who sings in a concert is made by the President and Principal Conductor.

Zoom attendees- please note:

For members attending Zoom rehearsals, as a part of their 75% requirement must attend the final three regular rehearsals prior to the concert should be face-to-face. Those with low attendance by face-to-face or via Zoom may be required to audition for the concert during this time.


Please see CALENDAR FOR REHEARSALS AND EVENTS tab on website for published dates at the time of commencing rehearsals and venue information through the year.

Updated January 2024