Payment options:

  1. Direct transfer to the donations account of Macquarie Singers Inc:
    Macquarie Singers Inc, BSB 062-595 Account number 1053 1437.                                        Receiver’s reference: DONATION then your SURNAME & INITIAL
    Please be sure to email or write to us at Macquarie Singers Donations with your name, address and donation amount so that we can send you a receipt. If you prefer to make monthly payments on a regular basis, please set up a periodic payment on your account and notify We will send you a receipt at the end of each calendar year or at a different time at your request.
  2. Cheques made out to Macquarie Singers Inc (include your SURNAME and INITIAL on the back) and posted to Macquarie Singers Donations or delivered to a Committee member, with your name and address so that we can send you a receipt.
  • Postal address
  • PO Box 50
  • Epping NSW 1710